(August 14) BPT informed me that physical tickets are not offered for free events but the option showed up by a technical error. Please choose print-at-home or mobile. If you have ordered a paper ticket and if you have not received it, do not worry; we have a roster of everyone who registered, so simply provide your name and ticket order number when you arrive. Likewise if you don't have a printer or smartphone, just write down your name and order number on any piece of paper and use it as a ticket. Thank you.

Make your own ticket: Take a blank piece of paper (preferably 3" x 5"), write down your name (should be exactly the same as your registration) and your ticket order number (this is given in the confirmation email you received from Brown Paper Tickets).

Registration has closed. However, if you would still like to attend, please register as an event volunteer -- we can use quite a few people.

Registration is free. Tickets can be printed off your printer, be sent to your smartphone, or be mailed (at an additional fee if you prefer an expedited delivery; no cost for First-Class Mail).

In order to maintain a high quality of programming and to help us plan various logistics ahead of time, REGISTRATION IS MANDATORY, with no exceptions. Please do not just show up. If you do not have a valid ticket or if we do not have a way to verify your registration, YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY and will be asked not to come back. There is a strict numerical limits on available tickets, in order to ensure that the event will be a safe and well-managed environment in compliance with applicable fire and building codes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Requiring registration and tickets also helps us create some accountability on the attendees' side and reduce "flake-outs" that would adversely affect the quality of everyone's conference experiences.

Since this is a free event, no credit card or debit card is required. All what you need is an email address (unless you want your tickets mailed to you or would like to pick it up at a Brown Paper Tickets outlet).

Invite your friends, family and colleagues! You may request multiple tickets or to order a ticket for somebody else. Get a few tickets and give them to your friends (please do this only if you know they will attend).

Voluntary free-will contribution

While this event is free, we appreciate financial contributions to cover our overhead expenses (rent, utilities, various filing fees, liability insurance, office supplies, etc.) and to reinvest in our outreach programs. There will be a bucket at the registration/information table on both days.

Privacy information

Personal information collected at registration will be processed according to the privacy policies of Brown Paper Tickets (which is perhaps far more secure and restrictive than those of Facebook, which pretty much sells information to anyone!). We receive a list of all registrants from Brown Paper Tickets in a spreadsheet file format.

The list of attendees will be used by Occupy Portland Information, Outreach, and/or Friends of Occupy Portland Incorporated to keep you informed of our future events and fundraisers. Additionally, attendees will receive our monthly email newsletter (which may be unsubscribed by following instructions attached to the email).

The list will not be shared with any other organizations or groups, including "Occupy" groups other than the ones stated above.

The list will not be shared with any commercial entities, except for Brown Paper Tickets as provided above, in conjunction with the administration of this registration and ticketing services.

The list will only be provided to law enforcement or judicial authorities by valid warrant, national security letter (NSL), or subpoena, in accordance with law. It will not be given to any other government agencies. [Please note: we have no control over any such request for information directed to Brown Paper Tickets, its server-hosting and upstream Internet server operators, or any Internet Services Provider between you and Brown Paper Ticket's servers, as for whether they might voluntarily share any personally identifiable information with federal intelligence, judicial, military or law enforcement agencies.]

changed August 15, 2013