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2013 Summer Capacity-Building Conference

Towards Year Three: Effective Mobilizing and Community Organizing in the Post-Occupy Era

Friday, August 16 - Saturday, August 17, 2013

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

1131 SE Oak Street & 330 SE 11th Avenue, Portland, Oregon

Occupy Portland Information presented a weekend of networking, skill-sharing, learning and discussions related to capacity-building for the continuing popular mass mobilization and community organizing started nearly two years ago by the rise of Occupy movement.


Last updated: August 18, 2013

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From the Conference Coordinator:

Twenty-three months ago Occupy Wall Street began and it left a lasting mark in the public social and political discourse. It brought together previously disparate special interest groups under one unified umbrella of the 99 Percent, while also respecting the diversity and freedom within the worldwide "leaderless" movement. The legacies of Occupy Portland are today found in many parts of Portland and beyond, in many different names, shapes, and forms. Several new community-based ventures were founded and many activist groups have matured into more established organizations. Authentic friendship, families, and communities were born. Between 2011 and 2013, a number of new state and municipal laws have been enacted in response to the Occupy message, to better protect the 99 Percenters. The movement united people in a way no other organizations have ever done before. Yet, at the same time, it appears to outsiders as if "Occupy was long dead."

The salient reality is, that we do now live firmly in "the Post-Occupy era." The original tactic -- of "Occupying" -- and the global meme it generated -- is no longer relevant, effective, or potent. Like everything else, tactics and strategies must evolve, adapt, and change according to the needs and realities of the time. Yet, we as a movement have not quite come to terms with this and asked ourselves this question or explored our futures with open hearts and honest engagement.

This conference is organized with hopes that we reconnect with one another in the spirit of collaboration that once united the Occupy movement, and rediscover the energy that brought Occupy into existence two years ago; and explore ways to transform that energy in a way that would move us all forward into a new season of more effective organizing and mobilization that makes a true difference in our communities.

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